RSS->IMAP Server

RSS->IMAP Server is an IMAP server that reads RSS feeds, displaying the items from the feeds as emails.

It is useful for adding RSS reading capability to older email clients that do support RSS natively (such as Outlook 2003) without resorting to plugins or mods that can affect the way the client operates. The system gives you a different IMAP folder for each feed. You can have multiple users with different feeds, the feeds you get is determined by your IMAP login.

Its written in java so should work on all supported platforms. Requires Java > 5.0 if you want to compile the source.


All you need to do is create a <username>.txt file with your feeds in the working directory. The password can be anything, the server doesn’t care.

For example:


A List Apart,
Richard Johnson,

When setting up your email client, you probably need to know the following:



You may want to run it as a daemon (or a service on windows), in which case I would recommend using a tool like the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper. Here are some instructions to get it working with the wrapper:

Your login config files (where you specifiy what rss feeds you want) should be placed in the bin directory.

You should test the server before registering it by double-clicking on TestWrapper.bat

You can then register the server (InstallTestWrapper-NT.bat) and start it (StartTestWrapper-NT.bat). You should be able to modify the service start-up options through services under administrative tools in the control panel.

To uninstall, run UninstallTestWrapper-NT.bat and then delete the folder.


Just download the Jar files and you should be able to run the server like this:
java -cp rssImapServer.jar;dateParser.jar rssImapServer/Server


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